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GREE Special Floor

A special floor project was designed for team building, combining the elements of "cyberpunk" and "urban chaos" with "people's behavior". The project drew inspiration from the scenes of Asian night markets, festival stalls, and nightclubs. The aim was to create a space where diverse individuals with different personalities, hobbies, and purposes could gather and form "sub-communities" in a casual and free manner. The space consists of raised booth seats reminiscent of kitchen and food stalls, and an event hall with screens and a DJ booth, incorporating spaces of different scales and heights. The acrylic panels above the booth seats reinterpret the "decorative signage of familiar shopping streets" as art. This new retreat, called "Hideaway," embodies a sense of extraordinary experience not found in other offices, where people can casually drop by for lunch, refreshments, or after-work fun with others.


GREE, Inc.




KOKUYO / design support
TokyoDex / art curation
AOI  NEON / neon fabrication
SOLSO / terrace design



Tokyo, Japan


Shoten Kenchiku  March 2023


1 floor / 1,200 ㎡


Tomooki Kengaku


MUSE Design Award 2023 GOLD

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